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A big state like Texas deserves big change. We're here to deliver. A new logo. A new color palette. And a new website. TYD has never looked as modern and as ready for the future than it does now.


We're making a statement.

TYD is one of the largest partisan youth organizations in the nation. It serves a diverse, growing, and changing population. We needed a logo that reflects the boldness of Texas, the boldness of young Democrats. So, that's what we did.


It's made for everywhere.

We needed a logo that can be used everywhere. That's instantly recognizable regardless of how it's used. That's what this new logo allows us to do. Now, you'll know it's TYD regardless of where you are in Texas.

Made for the future

It's ahead of its time.

Our new logo is unlike anything that's being used for a Young Democrats organization. It's made to last for many years to come. You'll see it everywhere.


Let's talk about colors.

With our new logo, we're introducing a brand new color palette. Drawing on the traditional blues of the Democratic Party, a teal as bold as Texas, and a yellow that sets our organization apart, these colors are made for TYD.


New and improved.

A new logo deserves an awesome place to share it. That's what we've done with texasyds.com. We've improved the design of our pages, made it even easier to connect with us, and have refined every detail to make for an awesome web experience.

That's the new TYD.

Are you in?