Let's meet. Virtually?

State Board Q3. September 18-20.

Even though we're miles apart and can't meet in person because of the pandemic, we'd like to invite you to State Board Q3 from September 18-20

Per the governing documents, the Executive Committee has designated the West Region, specifically El Paso, as the host for this meeting. However, do not make plans to travel to El Paso or anywhere else. Pending the approval of an amendment to the TYD Constitution, State Board Q3 will be entirely virtual.

What does that mean? Well, it means this meeting will be more accessible than ever before, with entirely new ways of conducting the business of our organization. It's everything you'd expect and more!

Though it'll be virtual, we're excited to meet and see all of you again! We'll have more information for you soon. For now, just mark your calendars.

Kolby Duhon