Frequently asked questions about Convention

Where is the convention taking place?

This year's Convention will take place at the Austin Marriott South Hotel. We have negotiated a room rate of $139 a night for those who want to stay there during the Convention's duration.


Please note: To book a room and check in at the hotel, you must be 21+. 

Who can attend Convention?

Our convention is open to all young Democrats between the ages of 14-40. If you are a guest, a Young at Heart, or At-Large member planning to attend, you must still fill out the registration form.

Please note: If you are a minor, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 during Convention.

What is a Young at Heart member?

While our membership is officially between the ages of 14-40, we appreciate Democrats who are Young at Heart. Young at Heart folks are those who have aged out of our organization but remain committed to helping the next generation of Democratic Leaders. You'd be among amazing honorary members such as Gov. Ann Richards, Representative Rafael Anchia, and Representative Gina Calanni!

What is an At-Large member?

Are you looking to get involved for the first time with the Texas Young Democrats?  At Large membership might be the fit for you! At Large members are those who are not affiliated with a chapter locally but still want to be involved with TYD or members who are looking to get involved where a chapter is currently not present. There is no cost associated with At Large membership and we can help get you connected with like minded individuals in your area and help you establish a chapter if you're interested!